We have recently finished shooting a horror short with Switchblade Productions. Theunis was DP and Marisha in a Associate Producer/Do Everything type of role. We are now in the next stages of making our first pilot for a web series. We are doing the first casting for this on Thursday the 24th. Will keep you up to date.

(01 November 2011) We are currently working on about 50 things at the same time. there seems to be very little time as the year winds down. We are currently in pre-production on a short movie project tentatively called Disposal. Then we are post production for 2 short fashion shorts as well as a preproduction for 1 another fashion short. Then we are alsodoing the preproduction on a series about generalized fashion which we are keeping hush-hush at the moment. So in short, watch this space!
01 November 2011


A new year and new challenges. In the last few days of the last year we filmed a short movie that we are currently busy editing. Needless to say it is a lot of work and we are trying to squeeze it into our daily routine but as usual, the paying jobs come first. With that in mind we look like we will have a fantastic year. In our monthly planning meeting the other day we sat down and realised that we have an astounding 8 short movies that we have to do in the next three months. Crazy times. So watch this space and make sure you see Disposal when we are finally finished with it.

Fluffy Owl has recently finished a short documentary film on four artists that used Ingrid Jonker as their prime inspiration. The work and film was shown for one night only to accompany a Chris Chameleon concert at the Rust & Vrede Gallery in Durbanville, Western Cape. The exhibition and the accompanying movie will soon move to the Oude Libertas gallery in Stellenbosch with its final destination the Woordfees in April 2012. Here is a stillframe from an Interview with Lenie Harley, one of the artists interviewed. Make sure to catch it there.